Day 25 – 33

Day 25:

Dress: Far East Plaza, first worn in ASL retro xmas

Day 26:

Top: Purchase online

Bottom: Bought in 07 Hong Kong trip

Day 27:

Dress: Bought in Chinatown — personally am impressed with the selection and price offered in Chinatown both market and people’s park centre

Day 28:

Dress: Pepper Plus; Accessory: Part of a necklace Jen gave me from her BKK trip

Day 29:

Top: Mango

Bottom: Refer to Day 8

Day 30:

Dress: Pepper Plus

Day 31:

Top: Push Cart in Far East Plaza

Bottom: Refer to Day 13

Day 32:

Top: Bought in Germany

Bottom: Refer to Day 19

Day 33:

Top: Pepper Plus

Bottom: Refer to Day 5


2 responses to “Day 25 – 33

  1. The first dress… does anyone give up their seat for you when you wear that? Haha.. think from now onwards you are not going to wear it again.

    And it’s good to know that you are using the stuff that I bought! Next time I go travelling again will buy you more k.. but if you don’t want accessories anymore, got to tell me and I’ll look for other things.

  2. No leh…no one give me their seat leh…I think only ZF has such encounters…

    Accessories are fine! the more the better..wuhahahah

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