Day 17 – 24

Day 17:

Top: Flowers in the attic, Heeren

Bottom: Don’t remember

Note: Worn this combination for my 1st xmas celebration with JF

Day 18:

Top: Robinson

Bottom: Mango

Day 19:

Top: Double Index

Bottom: Double Index

Day 20:

Top: Bought in Malaysia, I think it only cost S$3? or S$5?

Bottom: Hong Kong

Day 21:

Dress: Osmose

Cardigan: M)phosis

Day 22:

Dress: The Clothes Publisher from OG

Day 23:

Dress: Pepper Plus

Day 24:

Top: Tube from Osmose

Skirt: Iora

Jacket: Dotti from Far East Plaza


2 responses to “Day 17 – 24

  1. It’s pretty amazing that you can remember where you bought your clothes from! πŸ™‚

  2. Somehow each garment has its story so I kinda rem unless they are from super long ago… hahha

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