What have I been up to lately

I was pretty occupied with finding photographers and making hotel arrangements for my honeymoon.

Hotels are booked and hopefully everything will go well when we are there…

Photographers we are now down to Regina from Johnlim photography or Irene’s friend. We will meet Regina again this weekend (they having some sale) and if the price is right, we will confirm them on the spot.

Euro cup is over now…Kudos to Spain for a great closing! Germans need to buck up…I know you can do better than this. As for my all time fav team, Portugal… I am pretty disappointed with the performance. Hope to see some fire in you guys in World Cup 2010. Currently, evaluating who I shall support as well…

JF friends came over last weekend and we managed to feed them well and the children are so big now… LT’s daughter is so cute! Will post some pix of her. This weekend JF’s family is coming over and my cooking skills will once again be tested…Wish me luck (i am so stressed).

Work hasn’t been so smooth lately…Kinda losing my touch… Sigh..Hope things are better…

Oh, I am doing this documentary thing – basically keeping track of what clothes I have in the wardrobe and how long can I go without repeating. I know I have more tops than bottoms so will start will no repeat of top and bottom and then tops only. This is something I thought of to stop my recent shopping madness plus I think it is a good way to spring clean my wardrobe as well. Documentary will be in a form of photos and some storytelling. Look out for this space…Will start posting tonight…


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