Day 1 – 3

Day 1

Top: Bought during my birthday this year..It is a bit small but I insist in buying it so as to make up the minimum spend of $120 to get the pepper + card. Typical shopaholic!

Bottom: Bought many years back from Iora… It is part of a business suit. I seldom wear the jacket (no occasion to where) but this skirt has served me very well for the past years… Even though the inner lining has came off I am still wearing it (ok, too much infor here)

Day 2:


Top: Again, bought during this year’s birthday to made up the min spend to get the priviledge card. I like the color, I feel that it complements my skin color.

Bottom: Bought many years ago from a brand used to be in Wisma…Starts with A… Seldom wear this pants

Day 3:

Top: Bought from a store from Munich…I love the lace.

Bottom: I have this skirt for so many years that I cannot remember when and where I have gotten it. I have a feeling its in Bangkok? No? I really don’t remember


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