Honeymoon Planning

I am so excited!!! The rough itinerary is confirmed. We are reading on places of interests and activities that can be done.


Travel / Accommodation

  1. International flight to Greece – waiting for e ticket from diners travel
  2. Domestic flight to Crete – confirmed
  3. Accommodation in Crete
    1. Hania – Confirmed
    2. Rethymno – Confirmed
    3. Iraklio – Confirmed
  4. Accomodation in Santorini
    1. Oia hostel – confirm (call 3 days in advance to confirm)
    2. Fira – Confirmed though i feel insecure about this reservation (keeping my fingers crosses)
  5. Accomodation in Myokonos
    1. Paraga beach – confirm Myokonos Camping (call 1 day in advance to inform arrival)
    2. Hora – Confirmed
  6. Accomodation in Athens
    1. Syntagma – Confirmed hotel Niki




To be updates




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