To Do



1.  Wedding Gown

a.  First Fitting on 2nd Aug (thanks ZF)

b.  Check with Margaret if I can extend the rental – Gown extended at no extra cost

c. Second Fitting on 30th Aug

2.  Hair and Makeup – Trial Makeup on 16th Aug

3.  Flowers – Florist engaged (much more ex than we expected)

4.  Shoes

5.  Invitation Card

a.  First draft – 18th Jun

b.  Second draft – 23rd Jun

c.  Printing – 10 days approx. 11th Jul

d.  Sending – W/C 14th Jul

e.  RSVP – end Jul/early Aug

6.  Guest List + Seating plan – 2nd week of Aug

7.  Food

a.  Tasting on 19 Jun

b.  Confirm Menu (7th Aug)

8.  Order wine with dad

9.  Wedding favors + other details with hotel – 13th Jul, 4.30pm

10. Wedding Band 
a. Meetin
g Fairy’s Inc on 30th Jun
b. M
eet Jeweller Raymond on 2nd July
c. C
onfirmation with Raymond on 2nd July
1st viewing of rings – 6th Aug

11. Photographer
      a. 1950 Photography – 18th Jun
      b. Johnlim Photography – 20th Jun & 5th Jul (engaged)
      c. Martin – 21st Jun
      d. Tucky’s – 23rd Jun (JF loves it but it is duper ex)
      e. Jonathon – 27th Jun

12. Soleminisation – Send consent form to soleminiser

13. 过大礼

14. Trip to Chinatown to buy all the necessary things – 6th Jul

15. Prepare Ang Baos

16. Video montage (thanks ZF)

17. Ancestor Praying – 20th Jul



1.  Bed

a.  安床

b.  Bed Sheet (2 set, queen size)

2.  Electrical Appliances 

a.  Fridge 

b.  Blender

c.  Rice Cooker

d.  Vacuum Cleaner

3.  Curtains – Go Arab street






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