Lesson well learnt

Thou shall never let anger gets into my head…Ever again… Keep cool *whistling*

Tue I went to The Cathay to get 4 tix for What happens in Vegas. An auntie cut my Q and stood in front of me. I bet the guy serving that line saw it (FYI, he was the manager and his name is Eugene) but he still serve her. So the guy behind me told the auntie that she is cutting Q and the auntie said “No, there was no one standing behind me when I was Q-ing?” WHAT? I know I am slim and all but hey I was there with a bunch of people standing behind me!!!! Then she continued “There is no one standing behind me unless my eye got problem” DUH! YES! Your eyes really got problem (of cos I din say that) All these time, the manager just stood and say NOTHING. Nothing at all. So after he served her, he walked away and asked another staff to serve me. WTH! I just feel that he got no guts lo. Anyway, I unhappily bought the tickets and left.

Last night when I wanna use my UOB card to pay for dinner I realised that it was not there. My heart dropped, literally. I went home to look into my other bag, sms JF and see if I have left it in his car, came in to office to check and it is still no where to be found. I logged on to internet banking and see if anyone has gone on shopping spree with my card (thankfully, no) and I realised that my last transaction was with The Cathay (phew!). So i walked over and yes, my card is with them. I guess I was just so pissed off that day and stormed off only with my movie tickets.

After this whole incident, I concluded that I should not let anger get into my head. I am normally not the forget my card kind but I guess I kinda totally lost it. Anger, no good…Keep cool…Keep cool…and breathe…Inhale…Xhale…

P.S. I saw the same manager, Eugene, again just as I was about to leave.


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