Birds of the same feather flock together

I believe some of you are aware how annoyed I am with one of JF’s auntie. Then I met his uncle (aka that same auntie’s husband).

JF went to pick them for his friend’s wedding because it turned out the friend is his cousin’s cousin (father side while JF is the mother side). Sounds a little bit complicated. You just need to know that they are distant relatives (aka some what related). Back to the ride to the wedding…

The minute the uncle got into the car, he started striking random conversations like may be JF should introduce some girls to his son, the car’s horsepower is better than his son’s blah… Then he asked which floor we staying (he is referring to the new house). When JF said 6th, he was like why so low when you can choose higher floors, higher floors are better blah blah blah… I was so tempted to say because I don’t like higher floors but I kept my mouth shut. JF replied saying because we are used to lower floors but the uncle just went on and on about the value and benefits of higher floors (watever cum roll eyes).

Suddenly out from no where the auntie asked me what’s my name? You know, we have been together for 6 years plus and I have went to countless family gatherings and she never asked my name or perhaps she did asked my FMIL but she probably forgetten. Anyway, I paused for a moment and thinking should I say my chinese name or english name… So I decided my eng name cos its easier to remember. The uncle said what? again? and started saying “you know when your parents give you your chinese name, it has meaning to it one, you should be using your chinese name blah blah blah” He even asked if JF has a eng name and even ask his wife if any of his children are using any eng name. I was like “WHAT!!!” This is so rude of him lo. I used my eng name because of convenience and that doesn’t mean that I do not respect the name my parents gave me PLUS my parents also never make noise lo. Who he think he is!!!!!! At this point, I couldn’t hold it any longer and said “My eng name is very similar to my chinese name. People always hear wrongly so I used this eng name instead.” I can’t remember if he stopped blabbering or he went on and on but I just basically shut down and zoned out.

During the wedding lunch, I turned to JF and told him, I finally understand the meaning of birds of the same feather flock together and his auntie and uncle are so blacklisted. And he is so cute he replied saying that is why their marriage can last a lifetime (which I kinda agree). In any case I told him they are so blacklisted because like wife like husband, like husband like wife.


2 responses to “Birds of the same feather flock together

  1. Oh dear! Hahah..i can empathise with you which is why I hate relatives. And if you can remember, I invited none from my side for my wedding.

  2. Unfortunately, I can’t avoid them for my wedding. Just hope that they dun say anything that drive me nuts that day…Argh! Anyway, I got to control mu anger..Cos anger also gets me no where…

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