Turning into…

a shopaholic!

My goodnes, I have been shopping or thinking about shopping every other day. It all started from the once a week shopping day with my room mate. So far we have been out on 2 super quick shopping dates and 1 actual, skipped dinner shopped till late trip. Last weekend, after JF’s friends lunch wedding. We walked from Clark Quay to Funan to Raffles city and I literally shopped all my way there (luckily it was dark/late by the time we finished dinner, if not will be shop all the way there and back).

I bought book stands and sticks from this stationary super store in Funan, my wedding shoes from Robinsons, a ring from one of the push cart, I wanted to buy more when JF said enough for the day (which I do agree). What’s wrong with me?! Anyway, my other previous precious buys include:

1. a cropped jacket from dotti

2. 3 pair of shoes (not including my wedding shoes – since when did i become a shoe person? hmm…)

3. swatch watch

4. another cropped jacket from this fashion

Meeting ZF later to buy corset for my AD. Hope I won’t end up buying other stuff…Wuhahahaha..Think I would need to have another cold turkey therapy soon…


3 responses to “Turning into…

  1. 1-2 Jun:

    5. Pokka dot skirt (super cute) from Iora

    6. A romantic white blouse (for my greek island hopping trip) also from iora

    7. A red riding hood/big bad wolf pencil case

    8. A table lamp stamp and lilac ink pad

  2. 12 Jun:
    9. 2 dresses, same design dif color from pepper plus

    10. 2 blouses also from pepper plus

    15 Jun:
    11. Lilac jacket with hoodie (i love it!)

  3. 29th Jun:
    12. 1 dress from far east
    13. book from my fav author – I am only 1 book away from owning the full collection of his books (not considering one book that I dislike from him)

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