Same hand same leg girl

It was in my first cardio latino class i realised that I am a same hand same leg girl. It all started from the basic move – mambo left. Just as I mambo-ed to the left we also have to raise our hands and I realised that I raised a different hand as the rest of my classmates. And we mambo-ed to the right, again I realised that I raised a different hand as the rest. This continued throughout the one hour class. I was puzzled and even though I tried following them I was still doing it wrong. WHY?!

Class finished and we went to bath. I did a slow-mo in the shower room and it suddenly occur to me that I was raising my right hand as I mambo-ed left with my right leg forward. I should have raised my left hand. DUH! I never knew that I was the same hand same leg girl (sad). I shall practice till I get it right before my next class… No more same hand same leg 


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