Vesak Weekend 08

Sat – JF was late again. Suppose to meet at 8am but he only showed up at 9am (typical). By the time we started our Southern Ridge exploration was 9.30am. Canopy walk was our first station – it was nice and cool (shady), Hortpark was too hot for me but I loved the garden home concepts (recommend to spend sometime at Hort Centre), Floral walk was ultra short and not very floral, Alexandra Arch was short (think will look beautiful at night – the bridge will be lit with different colors), Forest walk was loong and high (not for pple who are afraid of heights), Hilltop walk was just not very scenic and our final stop Henderson Waves was very windy and beaufiful.

By the time we finished Henderson waves it was 12.30pm. Went home to bath and makan and we dash off to Tiong Bahru Plaza for ear candling. It is not painful nor hot nor uncomfortable. In fact, it was so comfortable that I’d almost fell alseep (though I think it is partly due to my walk earlier).  What they do was to light one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal. Ear candling was believed to be a natural way of cleaning ear wax and toxins. My next attempt on candling will be belly button candling…woo-hoo! It is believed that by getting regular belly button candling, one can improve digestive and colon health, reduce water retention, achieve healthier looking skin and improve overall health. It involves deep abdominal message followed by applying candle at the belly button to boost circulation and detox.

After a relaxing ear candling, we caught Made in Honor. Under normal circumstances, I would have enjoyed the movie but I had this splitting headache (due to either lack of zz or water) I couldn’t enjoy/concentrate. Went home after the movie and I just fell asleep. By the time I woke up was around 7ish and JF had cooked dinner – Green Apple Porridge. HUH?! What’s that? Well, he added green apples into the porridge and boy, it was SOUR…yiks! Other than that, it was pretty ok but by 10ish we were both starving and went for supper at a near by Indian store for some prata, teh tarik and maggie goreng!

Sun – Woke up at 9am, went to the market to buy all the ingredients for lunch. HJ, ML, XP and XPBF came over my place for MJ. I cooked chicken with radish soup (yum!), minced pork with potato (yum!) and fried green beans (not so yum :P) It was probably the last MJ session we had with HJ for this year (HJ leaving for KR next Monday)…Man, think we are losing one very enthu khaki…HJ, I will miss you…

Mon – Woke up around 9am and went to Sheng Siong to buy ingredients for cookies baking. Baked 4 batches of cookies from 9.30am to 2pm. Started with the follow the recipe – very sweet cookies, semi sweet cookies, almost no sugar cookies and the semi sweet chocolate chip coco crunch cookies. My personal fav is the semi sweet cookies. Then we zz till almost 6pm, went to my house to drop off the cookies (very sweet ones) and JF house for dinner (they had the almost no sugar). Played catan with JF sis and husband and went back home to catch healing hands, LOST and did some reading (work).

I have to say that my weekend was very fulfilling and fun! I wished that my all weekends are longer…hehe


2 responses to “Vesak Weekend 08

  1. Green apples porridge?! Boy…din know he could be that innovative!

  2. he is as adventurous as his mum when it comes to cooking..

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