My financial consultant friend

Received a sms from a friend (whom I did not stay in contact for quite a long time) few weeks ago to meet up. However, I was not available. This friend called again today and asked to meet up for dinner this Thursday. He told me that he is a financial consultant and his “mentor” will also come along.  Even though I will not buy anything from him, I will still go because I know he needs to meet a few clients with his mentor before he can go on to sell on his own.

I’d always find it very awkward to approach friends to sell insurance. I feel that I am using my friends. Don’t get me wrong. I am a believer in insurance and I do believe that my friends can benefit from it. But I will never approach friends whom I have not contacted for a long time just to sell them insurance. For friends whom I am always in contact, I will just courteously mention that I have switched industry and if they are in need they can approach me. I am saying as though I am in this line which I am not, probably never will. But I would really appreciate friends or people in this line to keep in touch with your other friends on a regular basis and not when you want to sell them some thing. This goes to the same for MLM.


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