What a difference!

I was at JF’s friend’s house last weekend and the wife happen to be a stay home mum. They have two children now..2 years old and 6 months old. I think she started staying at home probably about a year ago and in a way I feel that it does make a difference. JF has another friend who has a son which is the same age as the host’s. For ease of reading let’s call host’s son A and guest’s son B.

A was eating on his own at his own mini dining table. The bowl was literally cleaned out by him and he even licked it (think he really liked his mummy’s cooking). He then carried the bowl to the kitchen and placed it at the kitchen top. He patiently waited for B to come when his dad told him that he can only drink his juice after B has arrived. When he finished his juice, he threw the “can” into the dustbin.

B arrived and his mother started feeding him. B was running around the house with the mother hot on his heels. When he wanted something, he must have it aka he screams (to be fair, sometimes he uses the soft way aka smiles brightly – he is so CUTE lo!).

I really think that being a stay home mum really helps is building the child’s character and sliently wished that I could do the same (that is IF I have a child) BUT financial wise I am not sure if we can cope plus I know myself (I am quite a workaholic and I may not have that kind of patience). A lot to learn from this stay home mum… mmmm…


2 responses to “What a difference!

  1. Totally agree. The financial cost of having us ladies stay at home is quite substantial. No doubt that being a stay home mum will help in the development of the kid, but it’s really not an easy task!

    Giving up work for me is totally out of the question. Exploring flexible work arrangements or part-time work sounds better. Maybe I’ll do that if a second kid comes along. Else I think they’ll drive me BANANAS!

  2. So when’s the 2nd one arriving?

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