Good Friday Weekend

The long weekend came and left…Wished we had a one month break… I think I am just deprived from rest…lotsa of rest…

Friday wasn’t really that exciting. Did washing, cleaning all morning (I feel that I am a huang lian po liaoz…) Went to JF place for lunch and took a lazy nap till 4+ and left for Changi Park? for BBQ (his division’s informal gathering). It was too windy and I can’t eat most of the food. Just sat there with JF accompanying me from time to time..Throat was in bad shape and was too tired to ha la with his colleagues. Left early and knocked out.

Saturday morning was really interesting. We went to Qian Hu’s fish farm, in particular for the fish spa aka fish doctors. As we were the only customers all the fishes swamped at our legs and “eating” hungrily away our dead cells. Happy! Actually I was kinda scared..Screamed a little and held on to JF tightly…But overall I am happy! I think 30 mins is too short..So if anyone is going for fish spa I would recommend 1 hour and go really early (when all fishes are hungry). Hope to go there soon…Addicted! Lunch was at his friend’s place..They surprised him with a cake which was nice… Fyi, it was his birthday on Sat.

Sunday was even better! MJ 2.5 rounds with HJ, ML and HJ’s fren (JMI). I won $1.90…Happy! JF and I then went to my colleague’s wedding (my 1st ever Indian wedding). I have to say her family is really very well to do…You should see her rolls-royce wedding car…HUGE! and the big pearls and diamonds her relatives were wearing..BLINK BLINK. ahhaha.

On my way home, I received a text message from my housemate that someone committed suicide in the next block. It’s a relatively new place and someone jumped…wonder why? By the time I reached home I only saw the police banners and a police car..Thankfully no body…Phew! (both my housemate and neighbour saw the covered body..mmmm)

 Life is short…Treasure it!


2 responses to “Good Friday Weekend

  1. I suspect the person who committed suicide wasn’t a resident there. Or perhaps, he/she wanted to be the FIRST to do that in the new estate. You know how Singaporeans are. Want to be 1st in everything eg 1st to be married in Singapore Flyer.

  2. hahaha…yeah, i kinda suspect its not a resident of that block too.. Normally people will walk to somewhere else to do it… Haiz…

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