Under the weather

Not feeling too good since last saturday..My throat again…I think its the weather or is it the dust? Am not sure..Went to doc on Tues night…Currently under medication but still not feeling too great. Thank goodness the long weekend is coming though JF has kinda filled it with lotsa activities…

21st Mar 2008, Friday:

AM – Qianhu fish farm – trying out doctor fish (can’t wait!)

PM – Nua at his place

Evening – BBQ at pasir ris or something (JF coy thing…dreading to go…i can’t eat BBQ)

22nd March 2008, Saturday:

AM – Nua again (I need plenty of rest)

PM – JF’s friend place then to my new home

Note: No MJ, need to zz

23rd March 2008, Sunday:

AM – Wash clothes

PM – Rest…

Evening – Wedding (my new colleague’s wedding)

What an eventful long weekend it is going to be… Not exactly looking forward to it…

I need to rest!


One response to “Under the weather

  1. It’s definitely the weather!

    I was given 1 day MC on Monday, Vincent was given 2 days and Caden was given 3 days! Whole family SICK SICK SICK!

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