I moved

Yes, I have moved into the new house on Saturday. Minutes after JF drove away, I cried..The neighbourhood that I grew up in just suddenly seem so far away..Drama..I know, Singapore is not that big and Tanglin Halt is not that far away…BUT there is definitely sense of lose, I duno how to put it, just feel that a part of me is gone…

Nonetheless, the new place is looking more and more like home.. Went shopping all weekend for toilet accessories, detergent (both clothes and floor), pails, bamboos, laundry basket, hangers, door stopper…And I did my 1st washing (of clothes) on Sunday and I have to say I am pretty proud of myself as a first-timer… hahahha…

Sleep was not too ideal though. Construction of the primary school just outside my window started at 8+ on Sunday and for the past 2 nights there was this annoying mosquito that bites and buzz me…I am so gg to extinct it tonight… House mate is not coming home tonight and tomorrow (away for business trip) so home alone..Abit scary but I guess I should do okay for 2 home alone nights (without companion, tv nor internet…argh!!!!) Hope JF will apply internet soon and I need to “steal” a notebook from my brother…scheming in progress :p


2 responses to “I moved

  1. CONGRATS! Haha…that was exactly how I felt though I din tear lar. Sooner or later, you’ll get used to your new place that you now call HOME.

    So happy you’re so near me now. =)

  2. thank you! hope to see you soon…

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