Happy New Year!

First of all, Happy New Year Everyone!

Secondly, UPDATES! I know I have been MIA-ing for a while. It has been a crazy start for 2008. I got a phone call from a contact whom I know from previous company on a vacancy in her company and I went for interview and I am hired! Right now, am in the midst of being brainwashed and counter offered by current company so we’ll see.. But I think the chances are..I will move on la.. For some strange reason, I think 2007 has been a rather emotional ride for me so good to have a change of environment. If that’s the case, I will likely to start in new company in Mar.

Which leads to me probably moving house in 1st week of Mar since I have a one week break! Heehee.. House is almost done..Now left with the lights and an official moving date from Fengshui Master.. We target to have a mini open house next weekend but I can’t promise anything for now so will keep you all posted again. 🙂

Think that’s about it for now.. See ya in the New Year!


One response to “Happy New Year!

  1. Thatz great news! New house, new job. But could be quite unsettling trying to handle two big task at the same time.

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