My Boss’s Stag Night

Coming Sunday is my boss wedding and we planned a stag night for him at Molly Malone on Monday night.

Act 1: Q & A

Boss was asked two questions and for each wrong answer he has to drink a shot which we had prepared before hand. If he is able to answer correctly, the person who is related to the question has to drink.

Q1: When is Lubtub’s English wedding date? He replied 8 of August 2008. (wrong)

Q2: Please spell Thai girl’s surname? He tried to bribe her, followed by threaten her of her bonus and still didn’t get it right 

Act 2: Truth or Dare

He was first dressed as tinkle bell and had to participate in Truth or Dare

T1: Who is the hottest girl in the office? OR D1: Feed fellow colleagues (can be male or female) with snacks provided

(he did the dare)

T2: What is the most annoying habit of your wife? OR D2: Obtain kisses from 5 different female strangers

(he did the dare again)

Act 3: Curse of the Golden Flower

He was dressed as Gong Li in this act (breasts included). Make up was applied on him and he was asked to dance in front of his wife till her satisfaction.

Act 4: Maid in Manhattan

He was dressed as JL (butt included). First, he was given a shot and was asked to either serve to a stranger or drink it up. (he bottoms up) Then, he was asked to feed his wife chicken wings. Lastly, he was offered another shot to toast with one of the colleagues. And to my horrors, he chose me!! So we bottom up.

Act 5: More bottoming up

6 colleagues were to toast to him in tequila pop.

I exit scene for the toilet to perform an act I must aka merlion after witnessing 6 of my colleagues toasting to him.  When I return, boss was competely wasted! He basically passed out into the arms of AD. For the next half an hour or so, they took him to the toilet, trying to wake him up to vomit etc but failed. I merlioned the 2nd time and I think another 15 minutes passed. They got me a cab and just as I left the place, boss was sitting somewhere in front of the pub, still not sober. What I heard was he did vomit after that but for safety reasons they sent him to the hospital and he spent the night there.

This morning, he texted one of the colleagues said that he could only remember having dinner with her and the rest, he completely forgotten. All I can say is he is very sporting and hope the wife is not mad at us.

P.S. I am worried because I am next. Sifu has told me last night that he will plan the thing himself. (Xiao liao)


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