Starting from next year, I will be under another mentor / manager. We are suppose to stick together through thick and thin. She is actually newer than me, probably less than 1 month old in the company. They all said that I will get along well with her because she is very bubbly, cheerful, sensitive etc. But to date I do not seem to share the same sentiments. On the contrary, I find myself building this sense of resistance against her.

Partly because I don’t really know her that well. I sit somewhere in the middle of the office and she sits right at the end (distance matters). So far we have not worked on a project together (although soon there will be, mostly the Chinese speaking projects).

Partly is her dressing I guess. Last Friday, she wore this t-shirt, mini skirt and slacks. I mean the t-shirt and everything is fine. Its just that she is like NNTTL and yet she tuck in her t-shirt and she is not exactly my size? The combination is just weird and this is not the first time I spot her with weird dressing.

Is it possible for one to have resistance of another person because of how they dress? Is it considered as discrimination? I can’t help but wonder what other reasons I have this resistance.

This brings me to another thing. SLLS has quit and her last day was like 2 days ago. Good for her! and me. haha


2 responses to “Resistance

  1. The dressing of your new mentor sounds like Juliana…

  2. Apparently, I was not the only one who noticed it. One of my colleagues actually went up and told her that she shouldn’t be wearing that. WoW!

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