Met a colleague on the way to office and she suddenly dropped the bomb that she is leaving. I find this scene rather familiar. 8 months ago, which was 1 month into my job, it crossed my mind too. And there she is, 1 month into her job, she is leaving. I really liked her very much and I thought we can become very good friends. (p.s. I do not have much friends in office) I know that she is not used to the environment and the job scope turned out to be more micro than she imagined but I didn’t expect her to leave just like that.

I wonder if it has anything to do with age. She is about 7 years older than I am and perhaps she already knows what she want in life. So when she knows that this is not her cup of tea, she is quick to pull out. I am reading this book “Blink” which teaches one to “think without actually thinking” aka. how to use your subconscious more effectively as it is proven that your subconscious “analyse” the situation quicker than your conscious. Chim leh. I am still reading the book so may share more insights in later posts. 😛

Relating it back to my colleague, perhaps she has recognise that this is not what she want and thus able to act on it quickly. In any case, I know I will miss her and  lonely, I will be.


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