Can’t stop spending…

For some strange reasons, I can’t stop spending after coming back from my Hong Kong trip. First I bought A Mei’s concert tickets, followed by Fish Leong’s concert and the biggest ticket by far is Amore Fitness Package.

I reckon it is high time for me to resume my exercise regime but as much my limbs would like to move, my will lack the power to move my ever growing ass. So I came up with this theory that if I were to spend on some fitness package, I will be able to garner more will power . 人有时就是那么贱的, 要花钱才会动。Sigh!


3 responses to “Can’t stop spending…

  1. Would you care to spend some $$ on me? =)

  2. how do you know that I did not spend on you leh? keke

  3. Wah! I love you deep deep ley! Thank you ah!

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