15 Aug 2007

I have this client that I seriously have trouble managing. Despite us trying so hard to please the client, for some strange reasons, we are being shot down each time after presenting the designs. Today we met the client again…The client finally liked something but the client said that they would like to terminate the contract with us. I should feel relieved but for some reason I actually feel quite down. Perhaps of my incapability to manage the client’s expectations or that my manager has lost an account aka profit lost…I don’t really know..

 I left office early today to purchase an album from big bookshop (all time fav book shop) as part of my reorganisation of my stuff (in anticipation of my move next year). I am half way through my poly photos and I realised that we actually held lotsa gatherings from pasir ris park to Malaysia for seafood to Madame Tussauds Exhibition to batam to bangkok and star cruise! Wow! I really enjoyed myself during my poly days. I think we had lotsa fun together. 🙂

Reorg will be continued tomorrow… Hopefully, they are all organised into bigger albums before end August.


One response to “15 Aug 2007

  1. heehee..Finally have all photos organised. What I am left with is to organise the soft copies and send for print… Another tough job…

    P.S After going through the stack of pictures, I realised that I dressed very poorly in the past. Wish that I can burn them all but they are part and parcel of my past so…oh well.

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