Past few days…

…has not been too good for me.

5th July – I “lost” the company’s mobile phone. Thankfully, we have a honest driver that returns my phone upon contacting him.

6th July – I caught the flu bug and was down with fever, cough, sore throat and a little bit of LS.

9th July – 3pm. Was told by one of my boss that we have a presentation on 10th July at 2pm and she had a very tight schedule on 9th so I had to start working on the data (from scratch) first. (It took me 7.5 hours)

10th July – Woke up at 7am to accompany JF to Physio for his injured knee (since last Sep) and went to HBD to collect our keys at 11.10am. We are officially house owners and our CPF are squeaky clean (ZERO).

11th July – Another presentation at 10am followed by a forum at Raffles Convention Centre…Long day to come…Cough persists.


4 responses to “Past few days…

  1. Congras on the house owners part. I’m down with flu too. Given two days MC but ‘cos I’m not confirmed yet in office, somehow going on leave makes me feel quite uncomfortable. So am still working from home.

    Chin up, the weekends coming.

  2. Read my latest post you will know that I am not exactly very pleased. I think I will have issues with future MIL. Thank god, we are not staying together.

    As for the MC during probation, chill my dear. Really is okay one lor… I always kena MC during probation..Duno why also. You are capable (do not doubt it). Do not let this affect you k? Take care and hope to see you soon!!

  3. Collect keys liao? Does that mean you’re ROM-ing soon? Have you thought of any excuse? And hor, that coughing problem of yours, think it would be better if you get it fixed like Hulk. Itz happening too often!

  4. No operation!! No! No! Twice a year is not that serious what.

    As for the excuse, we are suppose to appeal. Latest in Jun 2008. We need to tahan another 3 more months. The officer that issued us the keys told us that we can submit proof i.e. receipt of hotel booking, rom date registration that we are going to get married next year will suffice.

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