I caught a thief (again)

Having the luxury to sleep a little bit more yesterday, I woke up around 9am and left my house at 9.20am. Just as I step out of my house, I came across this man whom I thought was going down stairs went up instead. He then followed me towards the staircase that leads to Ginza. But half way through he turned and head towards my house. Something about all these strike me as suspicious moves and I waited at the foot of the staircase.

1 minute passed and I went back to my house. Hiding behind a pillar, I monitored his moves. He was touching my favorite yellow dress (Disgusted!!!) and from time to time look up to check if anyone is watching.

I walked up to him and asked “请问你在做什么?” He looked up, did not utter a word, pack up his staff (he had this waist pouch placed at the side) and walk away.

I recognize his face. He stays in the neighborhood and I believe my parents have seen him before too. I will watch out for him and point out to my parents the next time I see him!

Watch out, thief!


One response to “I caught a thief (again)

  1. More of a pervert than a thief! You got to be careful since it’s your clothes that he was eyeing.

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