I love gold!!!

I believe some of you may know why I love gold. I’d always think that they will come handy in times of war especially small gold pendants. I mean no point getting thick gold bars when the rice seller is not able to give me any change for it right? I know I know there may not be any war during my time on this earth but it is always good to play safe.

Anyway, last sunday, my mum and jf went to OC to purchase 龙凤镯 and 四点金。To be honest, I felt pampered… 就如同万千宠爱在一生。kekeke. Looking forward to my wedding with the 龙凤镯, necklace and bracelet on me….wuahahahah


3 responses to “I love gold!!!

  1. Shouldn’t you be looking forward to spending the rest of your life to JF? Who are you marrying? JF or the gold? Hahah…

  2. Gold? Hmm… my cousin has a huge gold pig, connected to 10 piglets done up as a pendant. I don’t think you will feel very pampered if you are asked to wear that.

  3. To C****A** – Jf oso lar…hahhaha

    To Babysis – That is why my future mother in law ask me to choose myself mah..I will not choose the gold pig with piglets right?

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