Update 7 Jun 2007

Just a quick update one the past 2-3 weeks.


Two weeks ago, I attended one of the most touching wedding. Of course, by my standard, touching = tearing: P


She is an ex colleague of mine and soon we will be neighbours! I started tearing when she said her thank you speech to her mum and dad, especially her dad. And the “drama” hyped at the point when her husband surprised her with a song of love. Can tell that SC really likes her and I was very touched. It was really a good feeling to see that one of my friends is so loved. May the couple’s love run forever long. (p.s. did I mention that she used the ring pillow I made? I felt very proud of myself…hahaha)


Overtime has hit another high note. One night, 3 designers and I stayed up till 5.30am for a “presentation” the very next day. This is definitely a record breaker. May be I should consider preparing a fresh set of clothes to change and may be even a towel??? Anyway, the “presentation” did not go well. Kenna “boa” by the client a few times over the past 2 – 3 weeks. Big sigh


Two new designers joined us (a young “boy” and a mature man). “Boy” is actually a girl. She is very nice, keep offering ideas for my project though when it comes to actually work. It kind of fell short a little.


Our receptionist took compassionate leave and your dear friend me volunteered to be part time receptionist and IT WAS FUN! Totally loved it. May be I should be receptionist instead of a consultant? haha


The barriers around my new house have been removed. JF and I will pop by this Sat to visit. My future neighbours set up a forum in Singapore Brides. It is really entertaining interacting with them. It feels very 亲切 when others share my enthusiasm and worry too. Accordingly to them we have to submit our ROM cert latest by July 08, which is completely impossible for us. Got to write in when it is our turn to collect the keys. Anyway, most of them are very kiasu. Got ID to quote for their units since Dec last year and most of them posted their package online for our reference. Really nice bunch of people. Wonder if this “kampong spirit” will continue after we move in…  


5 responses to “Update 7 Jun 2007

  1. P.S.
    Went out with some female colleagues for dinner for the 1st time and guess what my mentor said…”it is good for you to have meals with them, to get to know them better…” I was like “huh”. It made me feel like an outcast or loner all along. Although I have to say that I have no 知己 in the office lar – ok I know, I am suppose to work and not to find 知己 right? (Whatever!)
    Anyway, we are watching Shrek 3 tomorrow. Think it will be fun. You bet we will be wearing the mac’s green hairband

  2. P.S. 2.
    haha..forget to mention that in the past weeks, we were quite crazy over the Whatever and Anything (not the drink) but the idea. We think it is brillant though we have to say that the taste fell short terribly!!!

  3. Re: Whatever and Anything
    I’m still a pepsi fan so wasn’t tempted to give Whatever and Anything a try. An ex-colleague did comment though that ordering the drink at a hawker centre sounds quite weird. “Auntie, can I have a whatever?”

    Re: OT
    I’m now at work, sitting in a small hot room in a hospital. It’s now 538am on a Sunday morning. So my working hours not exactly enviable either.

    Re: Wedding
    I choked and nearly cried when I was giving my speech too about my mom, dad, sis and family. I’m sure the moment will come for you too during your upcoming wedding.

    By the way, which couple isn’t lovey-dovey during their wedding? It’s the lifetime they have to spend together afterwards that is a big question mark.

    Re: Receptionist
    I agree that you would be a great receptionist. Haha… not to put you down in any sense but you ain’t exactly a quiet girl. And you can provide great customer service. All the traits that are required for the job. On that note, I’m pretty sure I’ll be a good receptionist too!

  4. Re: Outing with colleagues
    I’ve not been mingling much with my colleagues too. I mean, not in the personal sense. Sigh… I miss my ex-colleagues and you girls.

    Re: Reno
    Once you get your floor plan, it would be a good idea to check out IDs liao. Better to reno with neighbours at the same time. Otherwise those who moved in earlier will have to suffer noisy renovation work. Not very nice. We felt so apologetic to our neighbours when our flat was going through the works. It was terrible especially when our neighbour just had a new-born grand-daughter then. Nearly drove them crazy.

  5. Re: Re: Reno
    Well, according to C****A**’s sister, it is best to start later. Better to create hair line cracks in other people’s houses then mine right? kekeke.. I have made plans to make cakes and such to make peace with them before I start the reno. So even if they wana complain they will feel slightly “paisay” right? Who ask them to accept my “kind” gifts leh?

    Your evil neighbour 😛

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