Looking forward to…

PM AL tomorrow! Meeting an ex-colleague to pass her a bday gift then ZF. Most prob will shop in Orchard…Hope to catch 200 pound beauty…Haven been catching any shows lately. I believe the last one was Pursuit of Happyness. Simple yet real. Anyway, I seem to be taking half day be it off or AL each month..Given the workload and stress I think it is absolutely necessary. Plus I can see what’s new & hot in town (occupational hazard) to “value add” to my job 😛


2 responses to “Looking forward to…

  1. Oh dear…you sounded really stress! Hopefully, the little ‘break’ will do you good.

  2. Job here is very demanding lor…Must be like 100% alert, spontaneous to deal with different people and the job scope is also very dynamic. Anyway, we didn;t catch 200 pound beauty cos it is not screened in cinemas..Sad!

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