Crazy Woman

I was waiting for a cab to attend a focus group last week. I remember vividly that the sky has just started drizzling which made waiting cab hard to bear. 5PM one of the worst timing ever (other than the 9pm to 11pm) – change shift one of the cab driver told me. Just as I was lost in my train of thoughts, I heard this crazy woman shouting at a cabby just as he drove off “I am getting drenched and you still dun want to “pick me up”!!!!” This is what I call “Po Fu Ma Jie” and this woman was me…Shocking huh!

Getting frustrated with the hard to wait for cab situation, doubled with the rain (no umbrella) and triple with the rejection from the cab driver…If they do stop, why can’t they just pick the customer? And poor me was standing in the rain trying to get one yet he just drove away..Why must he do this to me….


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