Alright, someone is worse off than me

My entries these days have been pretty gloomy, work, r/s, friendship etc. And just as I thought that I am probably the only person suffering in this entire world I came across her. Let’s call her the purchasing manager (PM in short).

We have been interviewing a particular company’s staff and PM is one of them. She has joined the company for 3 years and was promoted twice. In the past 3 years, there were no marketing manager nor facilities manager, she and ops mgr filled the positions triple hatting. Last year Sep, a new batch of management joined the company (marketing manager aka MM and some others). PM passed on her responsibilities to MM and focused on purchasing.

In the recent management meeting, the issue of late arrival (2 days) of some furniture was being brought up by MM. It was late because of CNY and heavy rain after CNY. MM was accusing PM for not able to control her suppliers well infront of the CEO. (Note: PM does not attend management meeting). CEO without investigating told PM’s boss “Investigate and give her a verbal warning.” First of all, such small things is being brought up in management meeting seems a bit in appropriate. Secondly, the furniture were only late for 2 days and not urgent yet she suffered a verbal warning.

Prior to this incident, PM spotted some mistake in the literature and pointed out to MM. MM snapped and said “Why you so kpo, keep intefering with my work?” Come on, PM is trying to be nice. If all these literature goes out to public, it may become a joke.

Other occasions: If MM spot any of PM’s mistake, she will email blast everyone (including CEO) stating that she made some mistakes! Of course, it is those xiao ti da zuo kind.

Strictly no communications between MM and PM. MM for some strange reason refused to talk to PM. M will ask her exe to call PM and exe will pass message from PM to MM and from MM to PM. Until PM got fed up to ask exe to put MM on the line yet MM still refuse to listen.

MM is obviously the new pet in the company. The CEO is quite the frugal type (SAVE SAVE SAVE is the policy). But he actually approved a banner costing 280 which was sourced by MM when PM can source at 90 and CEO can even say “never mind, just pass your contact to MM. she will order from them.”

To PM, i think the most hurting is that CEO treat MM so much better than PM when PM helped him to da jiang shan, verbal warning all these have hurt her deeply. She was telling us that she is looking for job agressively. To be frank, my director and I also kenna “wacked” by MM during our 1st pitch meeting.

While listening to PM’s story, my tears actually form up. Glad they did not flow. At the same time, I also understand that I am most probably not experiencing the worst! Though I still dislike SLLS.


2 responses to “Alright, someone is worse off than me

  1. Wow! You work for a dog breeding company huh? So full of b***hes!

  2. It is a cruel world. Today kenna stabbed by another person.
    Welcome to real world, LubTub!

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