Busy Busy Bee

I have been so busy lately that I have lost track of time and people. Just a quick update on what has been happening lately. MX and MXW held their wedding dinner last Thursday. There was some hiccups but it still went well. As for what kinda hiccups, you can ask me when we meet up the next time. It might seem a bit like a long story to explain. Last weekend, JF and I went to a wedding convention organised by Mediacorp. It was an interesting session. Hope JF and I will “xiang jing ru pin” in the near future…For some strange reason, he has been stepping on my toes and I have been flaring pretty frequently (oops!). But I guess I have been very stressed lately.. Poor him and me… Hope I can just chill and not be bothered by work BUT how can I chill when there is people like SLLS in the office!! Some might have heard of her recent doings… ARGH! Anyway, OT has been quite unavoidable lately (be it at home or office) Hope things will improve in May if not June? Will it ever improve? Perhaps I should just face the brutal truth… Haiz..


3 responses to “Busy Busy Bee

  1. Poor thing. Me on the other hand very ENG! Or rather, my boss has been busy lately and thus I’m left alone to fend for myself. And I’m slacking. Hopefully I will pick up the pace again soon.

    Does these conventions, seminars, church sessions etc. on marriages work? My friend printed out this stack of powerpoint slides once and told me to take a look ‘cos it’s good for my marriage. I told him, no thank you. I still think it’s easier to say a lot of things but the tough part is always execution. So know too much theory but can’t put it to use also no point.

    Alright, will wait for you to be free and meet up to tell us all about the stories.

  2. My hubby shares the same view about marriage convention and all. He thinks these things are useless cos our parents certainly did not have to go thru such classes to make their marriage work.

    As for me, I think there’s always something to learn. Good to go with an open mind and maybe can pick up a thing or two!

  3. well, as you all know my memory is very bad so i have forgotten about almost everything. but what is important to me is that JF is the one who suggested it and that fact that he makes the effort in wanting to make the future marriage work is what I learn the most.

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