Goodbye Housefly

I believe these few days is housefly’s last day. Some of you may know about her… Poor girl, didn’t get confirmation afterall. Oh well, hope she will excel in other companies 🙂

Good luck!


3 responses to “Goodbye Housefly

  1. Come to think of it, I think your company just ruined her future by leaving a “red mark” on her report card (resume). Bound to get questioned like mad as to why not confirmed.

  2. Aiya, she can say she resigned ah…Perhaps the company ask her to leave so its easier for her to xia tai? It happened in my ex-company before.

  3. Usually you resign before confirmation, not after! Thank goodness I left one of the companies at least 1 month earlier than confirmation. That one definitely can say I didn’t like the work and resigned otherwise “jump into yellow river” also don’t know how to clear my name.

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