I am given the confirmation letter today (effective 11 Mar 2007) but I am not excited nor happy. (~.~)”‘


3 responses to “Confirmation

  1. No increments?

  2. NOPE! According to my DS, the company tries to keep basic salary low. Will give more bonus BUT depends on your performance lar. They showed us the range each of us are being paid blah blah blah lar…So was not expecting any though did silently hoped for it. hahaha..

    Anyway, according to DS, I fell short of her expectations in terms for performance. “Not good enough” Whatever her expectations were, I have no idea lar.

    Am demoralised yet bo chap. Anyone understand my feelings?

  3. If you have the intention to stay, ask her why not good enough. Else at the end of the year, you can kiss your bonus goodbye.

    If not, heck care and look for another job.

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