Everyone, meet SLLS

I was supposed to have an internal discussion with boss, direct sup (still thinking of a nice nick for her, for ease of writing this entry I shall call her DS) and SLLS. Apparently, traffic was bad and boss was late. So boss sms-ed me to kick start the discussion with DS and SLLS. But DS usually won’t come in till much later so I was only left to discuss with SLLS. I walked over to SLLS table and told her that boss told us to kick start the discussion. She said she had no idea of the project, objectives etc. So I explained to her the objective and she was like “No no I need more information. I did not attend the first meeting. I have no idea what they discussed. Maybe wait for boss for more information.” Okay, fair enough so we waited. Boss came in and saw us not engaging in any sort of discussion; I could feel his eyes piercing through me in the bad way obviously and urged us to start the meeting in his room. So there she was asking boss for background and objective and boss told her the exact same thing! (Fyi, I did not attend the first meeting too) Out from no where, she had loads of ideas even sprouting out of her ears. My god! She was so fake lor! Nevermind.    

After the presentation at the client, we had a de brief and next step discussion. Half way through the discussion, SLLS left for another meeting while boss and I continued the discussion but not much. I complied what we have discussed and emailed it to them. I went over to SLLS’ table, with the intention to tell her to work on section B while I work on the rest then she said “Oh, so you all didn’t discuss much after I left. I actually have a few ideas on the phase 2 but too bad I had to go.” So I replied by asking what are some of the ideas? To my surprise, she said “Boss will be very busy so we will not have a chance to discuss with him. May be another time.” WOW! She die die also don’t wana share with me lor. I am truly surprised! What have this company done to her? She wasn’t like this before! Or was she?    

SLLS = Super Liu Liang Shou


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