I realised that…

The more I love to talk the more likely I am to lose it! Oh well, I guess this is the 2nd or 3rd time I have lost my voice. The doctor thought that my occupation is teacher and I can’t remember the 2nd occupation he mentioned but it is those that requires  lot of talking. Apparently, there are pus growing on both of my tonsils. Stupid doc gave me a jab on my butt and 3 days MC (started last Friday exclude Sat & Sun of cos!) Most likely I will go back to office tomorrow but no talking till most prob Wednesday ba! I start to worry for my future. I mean if I want to be a lecturer I have to talk alot right and I can’t afford to lose my voice all the time isn’t it? What am I to do? Doc needs to see me tomorrow again. He says if my tonsils are scarred I will most probably need operation to remove them. Argh! Maybe that will rid the problem of losing my voice but at the same time exposing myself to germs & bacteria even without myself realising. FYI, your tonsils are your first layer of protection yo! Mine are oversized and tend to trap more bacteria and too often! I guess they are too tired. Haiz. Get well soon, LT!


2 responses to “I realised that…

  1. Don’t mean to be nasty but you are more chatty than most people. Maybe “whoever up there” built you this way as a counter-measure and hint to you that at times you should give your voice box and all related parts some rest? *Grinz*

  2. I guess so…

    But I just love to talk. How? It has been very very miserable for the past few days. Although unable to talk has its advantages too! Especially in office..Think my direct sup give up on me liaoz…Anyway, I have something to complain. Will write as a new post 😛

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