I really dislike this feeling…Everyday coming to office ready to face a brand new day, ready to perhaps give it a shot, and yet things happened and worn me out. This is really depressing. I wonder if I am having depression.

Hope to walk out of this soon…


2 responses to “Tug-of-war

  1. i can see what u are experiencing. i am like tat sometimes too. my remedies: catch some funny movies that really cracks me up. and while u r at it, feel free to laugh all your mind off. laughter can be very de-stressing, believe me.

    my other choice is to pig out. that explains a chubby me. *grinz* Oh yah, I used to join a fitness club wer I used to go and burn all my work stress out regularly. I could be running the treadmill and cursing my boss (when I was in the hotel industry). haha. Highly recommended!

  2. For some strange reason I prefer sad movies, maybe can help me release all my “wei qu” ba! Alternatively, I agree that exercise is a great way to vent all anger on top of shopping and x-stitching yo!

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