I cannot take it ANYMORE!

What kind of company am I in? I wouldn’t say it is a shittier hole than the previous but the way they operate is just weird! First is that PITA timesheet (there were more than meets the eye but I don’t think I wana blog it – curious?? can either ask me when you see me or msn me) then the company phone issue. Initially all of us are given a company phone and fully paid for. But some black meh meh over use and the company couldn’t absorb the costs and will be charging anyone who over use. However, they also offer us an option where by we can switch to our personal phone. The personal number will only be known to staff only and need not be enlisted in the name card but use your brain (x2) the staff can still reveal to the clients right? Then what they happy happy call you and thus intrude into your personal life? Although they will still subsidise 28.77 but that is not the point! The line should be drawn clearly between personal and company phone line. The best part is a few of them have massed mailed HR stating they are okay to switch (except me who privately emailed HR stating that I wana retain the company phone). Don’t regret if the client starts calling excessively on your personal line, people.

 p.s. SC, I concluded that I must have INTEGRITY. I MUST think of ways that are efficient and effective. But first need to keep records.


7 responses to “I cannot take it ANYMORE!

  1. First itz the rationing of toilet roll then now time sheet and phone issue? Hahah!! Your company really one of a kind man!

  2. I can understand the time sheet portion but not the phone one. I do get my guys to fill in time sheet too.

    Ya, sounds like a “interesting” place to work in.

  3. Went out for so call CNY lunch! Every min I sat there, is every min I wana leave. Never left so strong in a new company! What is wrong with me? Or is it the place? Or the people? The way they operate? It is just not right! Should look at papers with JF. After new year should be quite promising right? Feel like telling that woman don’t confirm me 1st, so that my notice period remains at one week. Shucks! Still got 2.5 weeks. Will jiayou this weekend!

    Any lobang anyone?

  4. Join Babysis! I just submitted my application despite my condition. Just whack lar!

  5. Quite tempted to open my own research agency because I realised that the smaller agencies standard are damn bad…Hahahha.. One of them is killing lotsa of my brain cells. One day should show you all their work.


  6. Yes, join me please. But first of all, you got to check out whether there is any suitable jobs in that place that I’m going to. If there is, I’ll try to do internal referral. 😛

    Anyway I’m glad that I’m not the only one that felt the same way as you did when I was back in the only bank I worked in. I wanted out after a couple of weeks.

  7. heehee..In that case, thank you in advance lor 😛

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