New Year with JF’s family

For the first time in Nth years, I am freed! Freed from going to JB like my bro! No more jams at customs, no more fights at Larkin trying to board some bus to Pekan Nana… You have no idea how happy I was when my mum told me this. Anyway, upon the good news, I asked JF if I can comealong with his family to go visiting and of course the answer is YES.

JF’s bro drove dad’s car with JF, JF sis and JF mum waiting for me at Bukit Gombak at 11am. First stop was big aunty’s house near the Bukit Batok driving centre. Big aunty served us red date soup with lian zi, gou q zi, lily buds and logan and dear JF was quick enough to spill some on my new white polo tee from Giordano…Really is “tian tian mi mi” on first day of new year. Thank goodness I was able to remove all stains with water.

Next stop is popo house… Almost everyone was there…It was crowded. One of the cousins made and brought a bottle of pineapple tarts…It was yummy and everyone started asking for the recipe (including me, well not really, JF mum asked on my behalf when I didn’t ask for it). Oh well, I will try making ome next year k? Any orders from any one?? 😛 We were there about an hour and everyone (including popo) packed and left for another granny’s place.

When we reached the void deck of this granny’s place, one of the cousins suddenly went to her mum and whispered something. Something that causes family meeting at the void deck, right there and then. Me still blur kept walking towards the lift and a few others were called back. “What happened?” I asked JF. “It’s because they just saw a family went up and this family does not practise giving ang baos yet their children (4 of them) can receive. That is why they are having this urgent meeting discussing whether to go up anot.” explained JF. I see…That’s interesting I told JF and told him I will blog about it. Seriously I have never visited with such a big group before and seen none of such things. I was really excited to see what happen next. And the result was…..*drum roll*

They will go up but will not give ang bao to that family. Okay set! Everyone agreed and off we went. In the lift, the men was discussing they have four children. If we give 4 bucks a person, each of our family will lugi 16 bucks blah blah blah… And suddenly they halted. Apparently, that family was waiting for us to go up near one of the stairway. (I wonder if they heard what they say.. :P) We were in granny’s house for another hour or so. The time was 1pm when I asked JF if we are going for lunch. He said that they are not going to because we were supposed to eat new year goodies to our full. I didn’t know that!!! Why didn’t he tell me earlier?! I was expecting lunch andwas limiting myself to the goodies I was eating. Alamak! Anyway, we were leaving for another family soon so I have decided to eat more there.

It drizzled just as we reached the smallest anuty place. Your dear friend me started to eat like no body’s business. But not that much oso lar cos the selection was limited. They only displayed things that are vegetarain. They practised that on every first day of new year but I didn’t lar..I actually had sausage muffin from MAC that morning. Anyway, the men said they are going out to buy 4D. My eyes went popping! I was so desparately trying to help my dad to buy 4D that morning (Shop n save and the Singapore Pools at the marketplace was closed!). Upon hearing this, I joined the men and went to Bukit Batok central to purchase and true enough it was opened! Yeah! And the best part of it was, despite the long Q we only waited for 15 minutes. Yippee! However, by this time the sky was pouring cats and dogs.

We went back to JF house when the rained stopped. Popo and some relatives came over too. They sat about an hour and left and everyone was able to relax while JF mum started cooking dinner. After we bathed and about to have dinner, JF’s aunty and family came. Dinner was put on hold and we had to “entertain” them. Apparently, the cousin was in top 10 of “The Dance Floor” and kept asking us to support her when none of us watches that program. Oh well, will try lar huh. They left around 8pm. I was so hungry by then and just when I thought that the night was over, JF family went over to JF’s sis new place for about an hour. By the time I reached home last night was 10.30pm.

I really enjoyed myself, the crowd, the goodies and the best part of it ang baos! Lots of it! wuuhhahahha..


4 responses to “New Year with JF’s family

  1. My goodness! Can’t believe that such a practice exist in the family ie receiving and not giving ang baos! Hmm…so someone’s rich with all the extra angbaos received this year esp when itz not in Ringgit.

    Anyway, dun you get questioned from overly concerned aunties and uncles about getting married when you followed JF’s family around?

  2. HiHi C****A**, no leh..I guess when they heard about the house thing kinda guessed soon lar…No one really asked leh..hahaha

  3. Sounds exciting. I’ve never had to do so much visiting during chinese new year. Thought I might have to after I got married but Matt’s family is also used to having quiet CNYs. Almost no visiting to be done.

    When I get my kid, for his/her sake in collecting ang pows, will bring him/her around to your houses!

  4. No problem!! Huan Ying Huan Ying! 🙂

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