Boyish looking guys and I

I have to confess that I have this fetish for boyish looking guys. I had a discussion with my boss and my director two days ago and I just can’t keep my eyes off him. I still vividly remember how “good looking” my boss looked during my second interview. But after joining the company, I concluded that I must be blinded then. Boss is not good looking just boyish. But I still can’t take my eyes off him. He reminded me of some guy in one of my previous companies. The one which I think has the most kissable lips especially when he wears red. *yum yum* OOPS! Please do not be mistaken I did not kiss him though there was a point the urge was strong. hahahha… Some may know who I am talking about and some may be scratching head…Keep guessing. Meanwhile, I will focus my “energy” on my boss 😛


2 responses to “Boyish looking guys and I

  1. I had a thing for my boss too.. Tried to stop myself tinking about it but i dreamt abt him a couple of times already. And it’s those kinda naughty dreams! Sigh! i cant help it if he’s so charming, can I?

  2. Faint!

    Anyway, as I was telling SC the other day, I saw my boss’gf just before New Year. She looked like such a nice and kind person that I no longer harbour any other thoughts. Heard they are getting married end of the year. My sincere congrats

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