The same old me

Since Springcity (SC) told me she is writing her blog now and we would not be meeting till 6.30pm, I have decided to blog too! I was just telling SC that this morning I thought of a blog topic, something I strongly feel about but right now my mind is in a blank. OMG!Afterall the gingko pills that I ate (not alot too cos I often forget) I am still forgetful. Who can help me? I have a feeling I will have “lao ren chi dai zhen” and I thought playing mahjong will help my condition??!! What should I do? Any recommendations? But I feel that being forgetful also has its bonuses! If I am ever angry with someone, I will forget it pretty quickly (like over night!!) With the exception of CG…For some strange reason, I just dun like her now…To some extent, “fan gan”. To think that I actually “give up” my weekly mahjong sessions to avoid her??!!! “Xi shen hao da ah”

I am still stubborn…Want things my way…No matter how hard I try…I am still so “ba dao”. Although this does not seem to apply in my work… I tend to “muo muo chen shou”. My ex-colleagues were telling me that how much they appreciate my effort then after I left…Haha..Too bad. Even now…to certain extent I am also “muo muo chen shou-ing” and I have a feeling that I am doing the work and others are claiming the credit. Hope my current sup is like Persian Cat. Although others feel that she can be quite nasty/fake, I really enjoyed my days as her sub.  Because I know that my hard work will be rewarded. You can tell from her appraisals. She is very impartial (I LIKE!) I kinda missed her actually. ZF was so shocked when I told her few days ago. She said I “Siao!”

I am still self-centred. I think this ties back with stubborn. Or should I say I am more self-centred than stubborn. Anyway, SC is on her way so shall continue this another day. Ciaoz!


4 responses to “The same old me

  1. I never worked with Persian Cat but I think I agree with ZF. I don’t think I want to have her as reporting officer.

    Nearly thought it was C**** A** instead of CG since you mentioned Mahjong 😛

    Talk about getting forgetful… I lost count of the number of times that I washed my hair/face more than once because I just couldn’t recall having done so. Sad.

  2. After all these years, I still prefer persian cat over most of my ROs (except the male RO in my 1st coy).

    OMG! Think you are also quite jialat leh…Wash hair/face you can actually forget and re wash again?? A little bit sound like “Lao Ren Chi Dai” also… Argh!! Who can help us??!!


  3. I think u must have forgotten whatz it like to have Persian Cat as your RO for you to make such comment.

  4. I still remember..But I had worse in that company lor..Someone whom claimed to be my sister but yet treats me like C***!

    I concluded that some can only be your friends and nv your RO

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