Get a life GUYS!

I have been into a few forums lately (to help spread the word of my the other blog) and I came across this thread called “where do I find slim girls?” This is so lame!! (And he only specifically want uni grads!) OMG! Apparently St James Powerhouse is the hotest recommendation and the guy who started the thread has no idea where is it (faint). There is this other comment stating that he is looking for cute girls too!! Alamak! I seriously think they need a life!

P.S. Come to think about it, I think I need a life too! Cannot believe that I actually read the entire thread of this discussion. I mean they are pretty amusing but lame at the same time 😛


2 responses to “Get a life GUYS!

  1. Hahah! I’ve been through this phase too lar. Always looking for places where there are cute guys rather than chao ah bengs.

  2. Really???


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