She is ATTACHED!!!!


Few days ago, I was told by B that one of our friends (A) is actually not SINGLE???!!! Apparently C saw A holding hands with a man (identity unknown) while C was out with her husband. While B did $&%@$#%@$%^#&% (censored) which kinda confirmed that A is attached!!!! ARGH!!!

Initially when B told me she had some news to share with me I thought she was the one getting attached. After 3 guesses, I finally got it right. But A is the least expected among my single friends. She always say she wants to be independant, enjoy being single blah blah and now she is attached! I still cannot believe it! For how long? From where? Why didn’t she tell us when we last meet up in Dec?

 Well, in a way I can understand why she didn’t tell us as well. I mean B, C and I are still currently in shock and if A did tell I believe the rest of the gang will be like bombarding her with tons of questions! You know how “enthusiastic” women can be 😛 Overly enthusiastic actually.

Previously, there was a friend whom was ambiguously going out/seeing someone and after our non-stop bombarding I guess she got sick of it and kinda shy away from our gatherings (okay, my fault, I know). Though I always feel that the more you try to hide the more people will probe, if you come clean with it then the story just ends there. Of course I do understand that some times you just wana have some peace and quiet and not let everyone know about it. I think it is just me, very kpo. 😛

Anyway, still can’t get over the fact that A is attached. Do anyone know?


5 responses to “She is ATTACHED!!!!

  1. Hee… you just made KPO me start speculating who is A….

  2. See if she spends less time with you all becoz she has more ‘important’ things to do/person to be with..

  3. Actually, we do not meet A that often so we would not know for sure..But according to B and C, it should be quite reliable…My question is why didn’t A share with us and because of that I can’t probe much too…Argh! It is killing me…

  4. Well, then don’t probe I guess. Some friends like privacy more than others. Perhaps they will only reveal when the time is right.

  5. Last night B and I came up with a conclusion that it is quite weird to suddenly annouce in front of your friends that “I am attached”. Imagine this we are having dinner with C**** A** and the others and ZF suddenly annouce “I am attached” from no where. Wouldn’t it be weird? We concluded that it is not because A does not want us to know but is the lack of opportunity for A to make it know to us…

    Plotting in progress 😛

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