Just “invented” this acronym especially after trying to fill up one month worth of time sheet! Oh man! It is truly a PITA (Pain In The Ass). HR manager kept sending friendly reminder but mosquito never give me the link to enter my timesheet and thus there has been a month’s worth of time entry.

P.S.Was testing PITA in the acronym finder and Pain In The Ass actually turned out as the 1st in the list…hahhaa..


3 responses to “PITA

  1. I love acronym finder !!! I just tried ITYS and “I Told You So” actually came up!! hahaha..one of my ex-colleague’s nickname is ITYS.

    I know I know..I need a life right??!!

  2. You’ve just given a new meaning to the pita bread…

  3. It’s getting very innovative. Like “NNTTL”, I didn’t know what it meant till explained to me. Interesting.

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