四点十七分,坐在reception area 的一位同事正在翻译67页的powerpoint presentations。他必需在明天中午前赶完。


我第一次和这位同事吃午餐时他与我们长篇大论了一番。大多都是有关他对薪水与花红不满的事情。听说他以前的薪水有将近4k,来到这间公司以后减薪700元。wow!没想到既然有人比我的牺牲还要多。(失敬,失敬) 后来他有说到花红如此的少(he was benchmarking against civil servants) 他倒不如回去他以前的公司。他又说他已递了两次辞呈但两次老板都留他。留归留但一点表现都没有(as in no salary increment)。其实我觉得他有点傻,当然是加薪才留下吗?既然留下了又何必哭爸呢!有人就说到:”你可以努力然后升上副总经理的位置啊!但他不要,他说他还没走时因为还没找一份薪资高但工作轻松的职位。天啊!既然会有这样的人!!!我觉得他若有一天走了也何尝不是一件好事。我觉得他的negative vibe 会渐渐的影响工作,影响大家。






One response to “4.17pm

  1. Pay high, easy work without stress? What’s the chances of that happening? Perhaps someone should ask the person to wake up.

    Someone here tried to use resignation as a threat to get a salary increment. The bosses decided to let him go and a colleague was telling me that person is panicking now ‘cos he hasn’t found a job.

    Some folks are just strange in their thinking and the way they deal with their own decisions and actions.

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