Lubtub vs. Mosquito

Round 1:

“Lubtub, you eyes are very big and you look very photogenic leh” said Mosquito (Mosquito win, Lubtub vomitted)

Round 2:

“Lubtub, look over here. I want to take your picture.” said Mosquito (Mosquito win, Lubtub fainted)

Round 3:

“Ya, I am getting married in 2008 and I just went to select my apartment.” said Lubtub (Lubtub win, mosquito speechless)

Round 4:

“Hey, don’t jump! Don’t do anything stupid!” exclaimed Lubtub

“For you, it is not worth it!” replied mosquito

(Mosquito win, Lubtub flipped her eyes)


4 responses to “Lubtub vs. Mosquito

  1. to be continued…

  2. Oh no. You sure that’s mosquito and not a fly? Or a bee if the person is decent?

  3. Itz a FAT mosquito…

  4. As I explained to C****A**, it cannot be a fly cos that makes me dung. Cannot be bee cos it is not average looking. So am left with mosquito where I am the human whom seem to attract only mosquito…And YES, a fat one…Sad!

    How I wished is LUBTUB VS BUTTERFLY

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