Mua’s first day at work

Reach office around 8.05am – bad time management but I can’t avoid as Dad insisted to drop me off at the train station (note: official work hours are from 8.30 am to 6 pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30 am to 5.30pm on Fridays) To my surprise, I was the second person (note: am surprised cos I thought I will be the first – as if right? :P)My sup came in around 9am I think and passed me a file which i immediately starting working on it (why?  Because my mentor cum sup asked me to drop by office last Friday and had an hour plus of project briefing – my mentor is the director of the company and she is going on leave next Monday which mean i am only left with 1 week to learn everything???!!!)Then came the receptionist who handed me some basic stationary and 4 rolls of toilet PAPER! Apparently, this old building does not provide toilet paper and company has to provide for its staff (note: female 6 rolls and male 2 rolls). I have to say that the toilet situation of the companies that I have been to is definitely going down hill…I still remember the posh toilets of the first company *daydream*Lunch was simple or should I say lazy…Went across the street for prawn noodles which turned out to be quite good…*yum yum*After lunch was nothing much and a few colleagues surrounding me went out to check out our xmas party’s venue this Friday so I took the opportunity to blog…It seemed that the venue is really very near our workplace and they came back even without me knowing and one smartass was saying “Wordpress? You blog ah?” loudly and my office is not very big lor… DOT  DOTAnyway, my sup came back from her meeting and we had a quick chat on the preparatory work to be done for the next day’s workshop and that was it! Nothing exciting but thought of penning it down especially on the rationing of toilet paper. FYI, I limit myself to 3 pieces per trip.


6 responses to “Mua’s first day at work

  1. Just buy a whole roll and place it underneath your table or something. I heard of places rationing out toilet paper but never quite understood why the hell they did that.

    If the building didn’t provide, can’t they just place it somewhere that you can get it without having to specify number of rolls that each person gets.

    Anyway, that’s coming from a person who might be really taking for granted some things in life.

    I hate the 830am thing. That’s my working hours here and I can never reach on time. Sigh.

    Anyway, have fun. Am sure it takes some time to blend in and get to know your work.

  2. Ya man! Hate that 8,.30am thing lor.. But have been able to reach there even before 8.30am.. And yes, toilet paper is definitely something which i used to take for granted man… Now really treasuring it. I refused to buy myself cos i still think that it is company’s responsibility to provide!!! No way, am buying myself!!!

    As for blending in, trying lor…somehw i do not feel that kinda warmth i experience from my previous companies. Mayb they are too close knitted and i have some trouble “breaking in”

    Am gg to say something “qian bian”, i have to admit that i miss my colleagues from my last job! like a lot lor…But i know that one should not stay becos of frens right?

    LubTub jiayou!

  3. Aiya….wash your you know where like our muslim counterparts do and you won’t need to use any toilet papers! So at the end of the month, you can throw the toilet paper back in their faces! Cheapskate…

  4. Better then my previous company loh. Located in a super ulu place in Singapore. Is own building so toilet roll company have to take care. Once, I went WC and found out that the roll is used up. Din even know who is the culprit. At least u can keep track of your own ration. Lucky you!

  5. The Mystery of Toilet Paper Revealed

    I was given 5 rolls of toilet paper yesterday. It seems that I am not allowed to accumulate my toilet paper. So minus the current roll I am still using, I still have a new roll. So 6 minus 1 = 5.

    My life in Niao building…

  6. Hide your current stock just before the ration! So that you get 6 all the time. Don’t let them deprive you any further!

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