Lady FT

Although I have been with the current company for close to 1 year 9 months, I have never really spoke to FT.

FT is the Hong Kong head and I’d always hear AC mention how capable FT is and how good she is to her staff i.e. Over the past 3 days, I truly understand what AC says. First of all, she has been around in this line for about 10 years and she really has extensive knowledge of the different therapy areas and drugs (which I always feel that my boss lacks the effort of knowing the different therapy areas better) .

Secondly, you can tell that her relationship with her staff exceeds your plain working relationship. She is like their friend. They have stayed with her for min. 5-6 years unlike other countries where the turn over rate is pretty high. And I know why they stuck with her even though they may have other better opportunities out there. Because she is one of those really good bosses you want to have.

She was telling me today that she is very troubled over next year’s budget. HQ has basically given them a mission impossible profit target. Over the years, the regional jobs have come to Singapore and the jobs in Hong Kong do not sustain their business that well (at least not able to help them achieve their target) and of course everyone knows that there is two ways to increase profit: increase revenue or cut costs. Cutting costs aka retrenchment is the last thing she has on her mind. Should the company reach a stage whereby they must retrench someone, she will go instead of her other staff who have been really very loyal to her(company?). Ohhh…FT.

She mentioned that one of her options was to come over to Singapore to help her sister in the brother in law’s business perhaps branding or marketing and she knows that I will be in similar business and hopes to keep in touch. Of course, I would love to keep in touch with you. I think you are truly great and I wished you were my boss (shhhh…please do not tell my boss this).

Till we meet again, take care FT.


2 responses to “Lady FT

  1. Having a great boss makes a world of difference at work. I’ve been pretty fortunate in all my work places except Santa…

  2. I had my fair share of nasty bosses. Santa was freaky. Mine at the moment isn’t too bad but there are times that I wished I can strangle him.

    I hope some day someone would post the same compliments that you gave FT for me.

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