What is the color of watermelon?

Went to JB with JF, MX and CG yesterday. JF told me a story about his colleague’s wife who is a kindergarten school teacher. She was asking her class of children “What is the color of watermelon?” and they all replied “Red!” My first instinct was WRONG! Shouldn’t it be green? Moments later, I “corrected” myself and said red too! Then JF asked me again “What is the color of apple?” That was when I realized that I was “wrong”. I mean on the exterior it is green but the meat is red. I feel that the fault lies in the question. It should be more specific! I guess I 专牛角尖吧. Anyway, I became joke of the month as MX just couldn’t get over it and kept making fun of me on our way back to Singapore… Boo-Hoo


2 responses to “What is the color of watermelon?

  1. I agree that the question is not specific enough.

  2. Yah the question is not specific enough. In fact most pple is not specific enough in their question.

    There was once I went for a job interview and during the 2nd interview I was asked this. “How do you think your Boss will tell us if we were to ask about you?”

    The subject of this question is BOSS. Boss is the person whom pay your salary and hardly have any dealings with me unless I made a big hoo-ha at work. And I’m glad to ask that it had never happen in my 5 yours with the company. How am I suppose to answer this question when I doubt if the knows what I’m doing!!! There was a long pause and this question really makes me very confuse, and said some stupid things. Finally I replied, “Sorry, I really wouldn’t know what he would say.”

    A few weeks later, I was told by AK that the interviewers really like me and is thinking about offering me the position during the 2nd interview, however there was 1 replied which I gave that made them change their mind. I crack my skull to recall what was it and concluded that this must be it! AK told me that they probably wanted to seek some reference that’s why they ask this question. Hello! If this is the case, their understanding of English really bad loh! They should be asking “How do you think your immediate Superior/Manager will tell us if we were to ask about you?”

    Immediate Superior/Manager dose not equates to BOSS!! Is totally different loh!!!
    If they use manager, I would know how to answer, as she definitely know what I’m doing right and I have more dealings with her so would more or less know if she’s happy with my performance or not.

    This took me sometime to get over it. Anyhow it did brush up my interview skills. Next time, if I’m pose with a similar question I would ask do they really mean THE BOSS or otherwise.

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