Where have I been?

I know that I have not been a great friend lately..Always busy at work… I know that this is probably the worst excuse ever and it should never be the reason for not catching up. I have not been a great, caring, attentive friend…It really strike me today and pretty hard, I would say.

Just met up two of my friends from my previous workplace. One of them I would believe I have not met up for 2 years?! OMG! Where have I been? I have to say 2005 really zoomed passed very quickly which I do not have much recollection of it…And 2006 has been crazy… Looking at them, chatting and laughing, still as though it was in the old days but me…I felt kinda out of place… I am just not there you know what I mean. I feel terrible! I have made a slient resolution (new year is just round the corner) that I must keep in touch with my friends regularly…

It is all about setting my priorities right and I know that I can do it. I have been really good at accomplishing my resolutions (with exception of one book a month which I made earlier this year! Shall make this as my resolution again next year!!)

Looking forward to my new job, the new year and tons of resolutions…Think I should pen them down just in case I lose track of things…Hee


2 responses to “Where have I been?

  1. Friendship is all about giving and taking. Needs effort from both parties.

    You are not alone when it comes to not being a great friend. I’m guilty of that at times.

    I’m thankful for that occasional phone call, email or SMS from some friends whom I really care for. So I guess it doesn’t have to be a meet up, just a simple “How are you doing?” SMS while you are on the bus stoning out would do just fine.

  2. True! Even though I would love to see some of you more often but as long as we have each other in our hearts, that is sufficient liao. Best friends also dun meet everyday right?

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