Causes of Dandruff

There appear to be two different causes of dandruff — internal and external:


1. hormonal imbalance

2. poor health

3. poor hygiene

4. allergic hypersensitive

5. lack of rest

6. emotional stress

7. excessive consumption of sugar, fat, starch

8. improper nutrition

9. heredity predisposition


1. excessive use of hair sprays and gels

2. improper use of hair-coloring products or excessive use of hot hair curlers or curling irons

3. cold weather and dry indoor heating

4. stress and anxiety.

5. infrequent shampooing of the hair or inadequate rinsing of the scalp and hair.

Whatever the cause might be, I am truly disturbed and distracted by it!!!



One response to “Causes of Dandruff

  1. You must be bored to go check up on stuff like this. DOT DOT DOT!

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