You know, there are just some emotions one cannot hide even though how hard they try…I really tried hiding but failed…I am just too happy when I saw that number 112…Can you imagine I am the 112th person to select a unit out of 254 available units???!!! Ho! Ho! Ho! Though I feel abit bad because my colleague applied for the same area as well and her number is 329 (75 exceeding the actual number of units). Thank goodness I did not tell her that I have applied for the same area, furthermore I applied later than her. I would say JF’s age helped us in this balloting exercise. I mean govt is always encouraging young couple to get marry early and have children and JF is like 30?! while my colleague is 24 and her fiancé is 26? In any case, COMMONWEALTH, here we come!!!


11 responses to “112

  1. YIPPEE… you are still staying close to me and Carol!

  2. Ya lor…not like BoBo who’s staying so far.

  3. Ya lor…not like BoBo who’s staying so far. More mahjong sessions?

  4. hahahha…No problem! But is like in year 2008??? I mean the flat will probably be ready by end 2007 (ready means renovated etc) but I will only be moving in 2008. Hee…Babysis, there is something I need to tell you…

  5. huh? Like what? That you are going to be staying just next to me? Or you are going to plan for a baby in the same year as me? Quick quick tell me, you got me curious!

  6. I like making people curious…keke…

    Anyway, quite obvious I am not going to stay just next to you right? You forgot that I received a Q no. for commonwealth flats? Am looking forward to moving there lor…

    I have no idea which year you intend to have your bb…But I am pretty certain it is NOT the same year…keke

    What I wana say is that JF proposed! However, our bells are only ringing in 2008! Wuahahahha..

  7. OMG!!! Sorry, didn’t see this reply till now. Details please!

    But I guess nothing is as bad as how I married my man. Mine mentioned getting married a few times and finally one day I say ok, let’s get married. But note the word “mentioned” ‘cos it wasn’t a formal proposal like “Can you please marry me?”. Makes me upset just thinking about it.

    So to all the men who is reading this entry, please do a proper proposal and not leave your wife with regrets. You might think it’s silly to think of ways to ask a girl for her hand but it means something to her.

    2008 is the year I plan to have my kid. Looks like our lives are all going to be different in that year.

  8. Alamak! You didn’t see this till now?? So when we meet up yday you have no idea lor…keke…Details? No prob! When we meet up on 2nd Dec k? Because it is pretty hard to explain over the comments cos I have a lot of my “xiang fa” (not too pleasant ones) during the whole proposal process…keke

  9. P.S. I hope to have my first child in 2009…I hope my child is born in the year of Ox. hee

  10. When we met up, I already read your posting. Just that we didn’t really had much time to talk about it.

    I was just anxious to get back to my MIL ‘cos I haven’t been to her place for a while now. Was anticipating “black face” but surprisingly, she was rather cordial.

    Though I’m planning for 2008, but I have a strong feeling that it might not happen. Oh well, if it didn’t happen, got to be content with playing with Guess Tang and yours.

  11. Mine? Not so soon lar…You jia you ba! I am sure you can make it! But dun put too much pressure on yourself ya…A short holiday at some desserted island may help…kekekke… 😛

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